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Agromillora dispone de una amplia gama de productos que van destinados a diferentes clientes finales y en formatos distintos. 

Sección Viverista
Portainjertos de frutales

Fruit Tree Rootstocks

We sell a wide range of rootstocks to supply our customer’s needs, highlighting the ROOTPAC® series.

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Microinjertos de frutales

Micrografted fruit trees

We produce MICROGRAFT® d micrografted plants of a wide range of species (peach, nectarine, apricot, cherry,…) with the varieties (Prunus gender) that the client demands. Currently we’re producing more than 500 different combinations

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Otras especies

Other species

Agromillora offers to our customers the possibility to multiply many different species. Currently we are multiplying: hazelnuts, citrus, walnuts, pistachios, pomegranates, kiwis, berries, etc.

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Plantas de olivo

Olive trees

OLINT®  is the leading brand of olive trees in the nursery sector. OLINT® olive trees are the highest level of genetics, health and morphological quality with the most experienced post-sales service in the industry.

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Plantas de vid

Grape Vines

Agromillora Australia has significant experience in the production and sales of wine and table grape vines in the Australian market. We have more than 30 years of experience supplying grape vines to all of the major grape growing regions of Australia.

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The Smarttree is a plant format suitable for the new almond super high density orchards. This model optimizes full mechanization from the first day of planting to create a productive canopy in the shortest amount of time, increasing the efficiency and reducing costs.

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