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We can finally show to the world who we are and what we do in Agromillora.

This video is the result of hard work where many partners have collaborated.

Welcome to Agromillora, this is our reason for being


Since 1986 we have been working on nursery production to supply high quality plant materials to the Australia and Asia countries. We are leaders in production of stone fruit and olive tree production. In grape vines, Agromillora Australia is the official supplier of Sheehan, leader in grape vine production.

We have the largest tissue culture lab in Australia, where we apply the most advanced technologies and innovative production processes.

Nursery Products
Portainjertos de frutales

Fruit Tree Rootstocks

We sell a wide range of rootstocks to supply our customer’s needs, highlighting the ROOTPAC® series.

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Microinjertos de frutales

Micrografted fruit trees

We produce MICROGRAFT® d micrografted plants of a wide range of species (peach, nectarine, apricot, cherry,…) with the varieties (Prunus gender) that the client demands. Currently we’re producing more than 500 different combinations

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Otras especies

Other species

Agromillora offers to our customers the possibility to multiply many different species. Currently we are multiplying: hazelnuts, citrus, walnuts, pistachios, pomegranates, kiwis, berries, etc.

Grower Products
Plantas de olivo

Olive trees

OLINT®  is the leading brand of olive trees in the nursery sector. OLINT® olive trees are the highest level of genetics, health and morphological quality with the most experienced post-sales service in the industry.

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Plantas de vid

Grape Vines

Agromillora Australia has significant experience in the production and sales of wine and table grape vines in the Australian market. We have more than 30 years of experience supplying grape vines to all of the major grape growing regions of Australia.

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The Smarttree is a plant format suitable for the new almond super high density orchards. This model optimizes full mechanization from the first day of planting to create a productive canopy in the shortest amount of time, increasing the efficiency and reducing costs.

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AGROMILLORA was founded in 1986 with headquarters in Subirats (Barcelona), Spain. Initially dedicated to the production and marketing of fruit trees and vines, it later incorporated the production of olives trees to be commercialized globally. At present AGROMILLORA is the largest nursery in the world.



Research and innovation have been core values for AGROMILLORA since the company's inception. Its constant application has allowed AGROMILLORA to be recognized in the agricultural sector as a leader in innovation and development. Technological innovation in the nursery production processes, development of new commercial plant formats and genetics, along with significant participation in the implementation of new agronomical systems have all helped drive AGROMILLORA´s success.



The goal of AGROMILLORA is based primarily on the quality of the plants produced, providing both a high plant quality and the best genetics available to our customers. This quality continues in our customer service, and for this reason, every product has an individual business strategy to offer the best service to AGROMILLORA´s customers.



Genetics are the foundation of our products over which we apply all innovation and development making AGROMILLORA´s plants a unique and differentiated product. AGROMILLORA is the only global platform propagating woody species for agriculture, offering an ideal meeting point for the global community of breeders and producers.

Our Brands