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Genetics are the foundation of our products, and the foundation on which we apply all of our innovation and development. They make AGROMILLORA a unique and differentiated company.

Our position as an industry leader allows us the opportunities to work with breeders around the world in woody species, whether public or private, who rely on us to ensure a quick and fair dissemination of materials worldwide.

For over 15 years AGROMILLORA’S in-house rootstock breeding program developed materials that the market demand and the existing breeding programs did not have. The results of this program produced a very interesting range of stone fruit rootstocks (www.rootpac.com) and a new variety of olive (Oliana®), which have brought new characteristics demanded by the industry.

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The Prunus program began in 1996 with the aim of obtaining new rootstocks to respond the needs of the fruit sector. The first year was implemented the technique of directed crosses and implementation of a germoplasm reservoir to have different parent materials, which has been increasing over the years to increase the genetic diversity. As a result of this program have been patented eight rootstocks in the European Economic Community EU, USA and other countries where Agromillora works.

In 1994 we started the breeding program of olive varieties, performing over 500 crosses between a large number of varieties. After 20 years of study and selection processes in experimental and commercial fields of different soil and climatic zones were selected five new varieties commercially available that provide a very interesting agronomical and oil characteristics to the olive growing worldwide.

Agromillora is the only global platform propagating woody species for agriculture, being and ideal meeting point for the global community of breeders and producers.

  • Stone fruit rootstocks: INIA, Aula Dei and CSIC (Spain), CEAF (Chile)
  • New varieties of Olives: UCO e IFAPA of Cordoba (Spain) and University of Bari (Italy)
  • New low vigour citrus rootstocks resistant / tolerant to major physiological disorders and diseases of citrus: IVIA (Spain), and Citrolima EMBRAPA (Brazil), CIRAD (France), University of Florida (USA) and USDA-Fort Pierce (Florida, USA)

AGROMILLORA is the only global platform propagating woody species for agriculture, offering an ideal meeting point for a global community of breeders and producers. This unique position allows us to bring together both breeders and producers from around the world. Allowing both the producers and the breeders the benefit of this relationship.

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