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Micrograft® process is an exclusive product for nurseries with subsequent growth.


This product will allow for reduced production time and labour, as well as increased flexibility.

Allow growers to produce both potted and bare root.

Product description:

 It’s a 30 cm rootstock with 5 mm thickness on a 250 ml teku with a well-established root system in a rich coconut fiber substrate and peat.

The rootstock is grafted with a bud that will be sprouted and grown to specifications prior to delivery.

The most common rootstocks are:

Serie Rootpac, GF-677, Garnem, Cadaman, Myrabolan 29c,  Mariana, etc…

We sell a large range of Micrograft combinations depending on the rootstock, species, and varieties selected. (more than 500) being the most common the following species: nectarines, peaches, paraguayans, apricot, cherry, plum and almond.

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