It is a good option in areas without the risk of frost to diversify varieties in large fields.

‘Picual’ x ‘Arbequina’ crossing done by the University of Córdoba.

Quality Oil

Good quality oil, especially if harvested at the right time; past then, it evolves into other less distinctive characteristics.


A tree of average vigor, somewhat smaller than an Arbequina olive tree, with characteristic angular branching; usually creates slender hedges due to its erect stature.


  • This variety of average productivity can have a tendency to alternate bearing if not handled well.
  • Good rainfed behavior.


  • Relatively sensitive to winter cold.
  • In years with frosts, we have seen more damage to the ‘Sikitita’ variety than to the ‘Arbequina’ or ‘Lecciana.’

Good fat yield

Sometimes surpassing the ‘Arbequina.’


Flavor profiles of different olive tree varieties. Average values corresponding to tasting panel evaluations in Puglia (Italy) in November 2020. Olives from the test field at the Olmas Cooperative (harvested October 16, 2020).


The data and results shown in these graphic resources are made for informative purposes only and it is not guaranteed to they will be achieved in all cases, due to several facts influencing plant growth such as climatic and geographical circumstances, soil characteristics, as well as use conditions and agricultural habits.


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