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Agronomic characteristics of pistachio (Pistacia Vera)

  1. It is a tree of the Anacardiaceae family. In recent years it has become one of the species of greatest interest in the dried fruit sector.
  2. It is a dioecious species: separate sexes of different plants. As such, it is important to ensure proper pollination using both male and female varieties.
  3. Agromillora provides them with cloned plants of UCB1 and Platinum multiplied in vitro. This technique allows obtaining plants with the maximum genetic and sanitary guarantee, ensuring the homogeneous growth of your plantations.
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The UCB1 rootstock: agronomic characteristics

The UCB1 rootstock is the result of the hybridization carried out by the University of Davis (California, USA) between P.atlantica x P. integerrima.

It is a vigorous rootstock that guarantees the productive precocity of the plantation. It has a high resistance to cold, to armillaria and is resistant to Verticillium dahliae K.

It supports limestone soils well, and has a medium tolerance to saline.

The Platinum rootstock: agronomic characteristics Pitachios

Selected for its vigor superior to UCB 1, for its tolerance to salinity and for its resistance to low temperatures.

Very similar to UCB 1 in most of its characteristics, given its same genetic origin. Widely disseminated in California in the last 10-15 years.




The data and results shown in these graphic resources are made for informative purposes only and it is not guaranteed to they will be achieved in all cases, due to several facts influencing plant growth such as climatic and geographical circumstances, soil characteristics, as well as use conditions and agricultural habits.


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