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    KHAOULA BEDIS Laboratory head
    Agromillora Mediterranée
    since: 2016

    Responsibility within Agromillora:
    I am excited to work at Agromillora and have the privilege of collaborating in the construction process of the new laboratory. I also offer advice on the purchase of necessary lab equipment. I am learning about production systems, technical operations such as pruning, grafting, sanitary treatments, etc. Once the laboratory is finished, my functions will be the implementation of production plans, controlling the production process and at the same time supervising the plant multiplication and selection tasks.
    Professional experience in Agromillora:
    I can consider the last months at Agromillora as an introduction to professional life. I am delighted to work with a fantastic team that has helped me integrate quickly into the company. I enjoy feeling part of the team, being able to communicate and
    convey my ideas easily.
    In my free time I like to perfect my skills and abilities
    and stay up-to-date with new scientific and innovation discoveries. On the personal side, I enjoy cinema, learning new languages and walking. I enjoy Sunday family dinners and going shopping with friends.
    What would you take to a desert island?
    I imagine taking the Holy Quran, my cat and I think I would not forget to take along a small boat, just in case I change my mind and don’t enjoy being there. Who knows!

  • Pilar Cuenca Lopez
    Pilar Cuenca Lopez In charge of
    Agromillora Iberia
    olive trees Joined: 2001

    Responsibility within Agromillora:

    I am responsible for classifying olive trees and my duties involve organising and supervising the team at the time of plant selection, provide them with the necessary tools and criteria for each item in order to obtain optimal results. I supervise the location of plants in the nursery. I also ensure that the team feels comfortable with their work.

    Professional experience in Agromillora:

    My first responsibility in Agromillora was to collect wood in the fields. Later I was worked at the cuttings area and finally I joined the olive trees team where I have been now for 10 years.
    I feel very grateful for the company’s trust. I hope I can retire here.


    I feel very happy outdoors. My biggest passion is to hunt for mushrooms and asparagus with my family. I like picking them, and also eating them! I enjoy going out to dinner with friends. Ah! And I am a huge Barça fan! I am Barça member and whenever they play at home, that’s where I am!

    What would you take to a desert island?

    I would take all my family—husband, children, nieces & nephews, grandchildren, etc.
    And I would devote myself to finding ways to survive and live life!

    JUANA DANAE QUEZADA GONZALEZ Head of Accounting and Finance Dept. Agromillora Sur

    Responsibility within Agromillora:
    I am the head of the Finance Department. I manage the use of available resources according to treasury, banks, income, expenses, credits, investment and cash surplus, etc. I am also the person in charge of the Accounting Dept., controlling and supervising records and information support. I am also in charge of preparing financial and accounting reports and perform other administrative duties.

    Professional experience in Agromillora:
    Since I started working at Agromillora I feel that I have been given the tools and support necessary for my personal and professional growth, as well as feeling surrounded with good colleagues and a good work team. This support has been rewarding and motivates me to continue leveraging my abilities and demonstrate my performance and commitment to the company.

    When I am not working I like to be with my family and listen to music, meet with friends, watch a romantic movie, eat something sweet, ride my bike and play with my pet.

    What would you take to a desert island?
    I would take pictures of my loved ones, enough batteries to listen to music and my mate drink.

    CHRIS EDWARDS Responsible for olive tree production
    Agromillora Australia
    joined: 2010

    Responsibility within Agromillora:
    I have been responsible for the first subsidiary of Agromillora Australia in Waikerie for the last two years. We have recently moved to the new Mildura facilities. 2016 has been a year of hard work coordinating and managing the new head office. I am also responsible for the olive plant production department.
    My responsibilities cover the entire production process from the initial mother plant phase to the propagation phase until the final product is available for sale. I am also responsible for the support office, with special emphasis on technical training and coordinating day-to-day operations.

    Professional experience in Agromillora:
    I enjoy working with the team—very approachable and friendly people. There is an excellent willingness to offer mutual support when necessary. I am very happy to be able to experience the growth of the company from a front-row seat.

    I love outdoor activities in general, but most of all I
    enjoy fishing and have fun organising barbecues with friends. I also enjoy taking care of my two children, 2 and 4 years old.

    What would you take to a desert island?
    It is a difficult question to answer... But I would say: my family. Good Spanish food. And a ship.

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