Agromillora opens a Quality Control Laboratory in Oregon

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Agromillora QA Lab, which opened in Oregon (USA) at the end of 2021, is the new sanitary and genetic quality control laboratory that will provide the Agromillora Group with the support needed to achieve its main purpose: ENSURING ITS PLANTS ARE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY.

The main goal of the new QA LAB is to elevate Agromillora to excellence in Quality Assurance, preventing sanitary issues and problems with genetic identification during the production processes. This way, we guarantee that the products available to our customers are of the best quality. To this end, compliance with the Sanitary and Genetic Quality Control Plans established at each production site will be rigorously monitored.

Identifying any aspect of vulnerability during the production process is one of the main goals of the QA Lab.

In vitro and grafted fruit species

qa lab

Its control methodology covers every phase: from the moment the plant propagation materials enter the quarantine areas (when they come from other countries), to when they become the initial materials found in the parent field plants, the phase finished in the micropropagation labs, and finally in the greenhouses for growing.

Species propagated by cuttings

qa lab

Generally speaking, the QA Lab offers all AGROMILLORA Group companies the following services:

  • Detecting pathogens in plant material
  • Quality control at different points in the production process
  • Diagnosis of diseases in plant material
  • Consultation on pest and disease management
  • Genetic characterization for propagated material
  • Risk assessment and recommendations

The QA Lab is also prepared to carry out RT-PCR health analyses for the main viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can affect the species propagated at Agromillora.

As for genetic analyses, this is in an initial phase of building a database with the molecular profiles of the propagated materials based on reference plants. To be successful, it must start with a guaranteed collection of varietal profiles that can go through genetic conformity tests by comparing the samples analyzed with the reference profiles.


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