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Agroglobal Almond Summit 2020

10/09/2020 16:00 - 19:00

Agroglobal Almond Summit 2020

“Sustainability of the Productive Models in the Global Market´s “

With all the new areas that have been planted in the las few years and most generally around the world or most intensively in Portugal and Spain , we will have a global vision of the productive models , how global markets are reacting to all the new areas of almond productions around the world , the new green deal of the European Union and the environmental targets that are challenging the farmers to achieve, the value of the organic almonds and their place in the new global market´s and the new challenges that the pandemic has brought .


Sebastian Saa (Senior manager for Agricultural Research at the Almond Board of California)

Why keep investing in Almond projects and what the model of the future, 2025 Almond Board goals , challenges for the future in California


Ignasi Iglésias ( 2D Technical Manager Agromillora group)

Sustainability and  efficiency of the SES model , EU Green Deal, challenges for the future in Europe


Brígido Chambra (Chambra Agrária)

Intensive Model ,Experience of managing big projects , challenges of the Covid-19 period .


Filipe Rosa (Socio Co-Founder Veracruz Ventures )

Profitability of the SHD model from the investor point of view , diversification of the investments


Frederico Samper (CEO Biocomércio)
Global vision for the European market of ecological almond

Chairman –Pedro Foles ( Agromillora )


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