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The Crossroads of Chance

30/07/2020 09:00 - 10:30

The Crossroads of Chance

A documentary about the greatest agricultural revolution

JULY 30th | 9AM PST

The history of Super High Density Olive orchards told by its pioneers.
We have collected the testimony of farmers, businessmen, researchers, professors and, ultimately, brave men and women, great pioneers of their time.
We have traveled to California, Spain, Chile, France, Portugal, Italy and the most important points of olive cultivation in our country, collecting hours and hours of footage that now, after nearly a year of work, we can share with all of you.


  • New Challenges in the Super High Density cultivation
  • Past, present and future of the Super High Density system in California.
  • International olive scenary in USA
  • Challenges for the future in terms of new olive varieties: Oliana, Sikitita and Lecciana.
  • Why the Super High Density is a sustainable model.
  • Why olive crops in SHD can be an interesting alternative crop for growers in California
  • Most valuable features about the SHD system.
  • Impact and main characteristics of the Lecciana variety.
  • Why the olive crops in Super High Density can be an interesting crop for growers in Australia.
  • Watch “The Crossroads of Chance”, a documentary of the greatest agricultural revolution.