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We produce a wide range of products that are constantly evolving to provide agronomic diversity and developments in the areas of:



OLINT® is the leading brand of olive trees in the nursery sector. OLINT® olive trees are of the highest level  of genetic, health and morphological quality with the most experienced post sales service in the industry.

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Árboles frutales y portainjertos

Fruit trees and rootstocks

We commercialize a wide range of rootstocks from both public and private breeding programs all over the world, including the ROOTPAC® series. We also produce micrografted plants (MICROGRAFT®) of all species and varieties based on customer demand.

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Our rootstocks come from select parent plants and are grafted to desired varieties with three viable buds. These plants have 20 cm of paraffin to prevent dehydration and the roots are cut at 10-15 cm. Plants come in bundles of 25 units that have been disinfected, labeled and placed in boxes with peat to prevent drying.

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Our rootstocks are obtained through collaboration with leading breeding groups focused on genetic improvement. Coming both from national (IVIA) along with other citrus focused countries like Brazil (EMBRAPA, CCSM) Citrolima, USA (UF, USDA) and France (CIRAD). These tissue cultured rootstocks can be grafted to the desired variety from the client.



We have a wide selection of tissue cultured berries including Blueberries, Raspberries and currants. Within each species, we have the most sought after varieties in the market. Our genetic materials come from leading breeders worldwide.



Agromillora offers our customers the possibility to multiply many different species. Currently we are multiplying: walnuts, pistachios, pomegranates, kiwis, figs, paulownia, etc.

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