When we founded Agromillora Group, we embraced certain values which have always been part of our culture. These values remind us that our work is a contribution to the nursery and agricultural sector, and that our commitment, our cause and our objectives are focused on the growth and improvement of our company, our customers, our collaborators and, let’s be clear, the planet itself.

Creating a positive impact

Our values:


Those of us who work at Agromillora feel identified with the company’s mission, objectives and way of doing things.


We question the way we do things, with a constructive spirit, and we are open to change.


We actively cooperate with others in order to achieve group and organisational objectives.


We act with transparency, sincerity and rectitude at all times. We fulfill our commitments, and if we make a mistake we accept the consequences.


Our clients, external and internal, have to feel that we work together for them, adapting to their needs, reaching agreements that are beneficial for all.

Our mission:

Efficient multiplication of plants based on innovation, quality and service to contribute towards agricultural development.

Our vision:

Be the largest global platform for production and sales of plants.

Our commitment to the company and society

At Agromillora we understand that business ethics, compliance with regulations, and respectful conduct with people and the environment in which we operate, are essential for a sustainable business growth.

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