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Plant production at Agromillora is surrounded by technology, be it in the in-vitro multiplication laboratory or in greenhouses. You will find different positions and activities to carry out in these areas, as well as the opportunity to share the practices and be in constant communication with the head office and branches.


– In-vitro Multiplication Laboratory

The multiplication of in-vitro plants requires a lot of care to ensure a contamination-free environment. The technique refers to the multiplication of in-vitro plants in laminar flow cabinets with a specific culture medium, controlling temperature and light. These are clonal plants, genetically identical, which guarantees a series of advantages for the producer in terms of plant health and genetics.


– Greenhouses

The growth and management of plants in greenhouses requires a series of interconnected stages for which a great deal of detail and agronomic knowledge must be taken into account in order to achieve the highest productive efficiency and the highest plant quality.
The productive stages such as planting, staking of olive trees, acclimatisation, rooting, transplanting, pruning and grafting require specific training and cross–management of fertirrigation at all stages of growth. The idea is to mechanise the maximum number of jobs such as cutting, transplanting and moving plants in order to improve production efficiency and ensure workers’ safety. In order to maintain plant traceability, bar code systems are used in trays and plants to guarantee the genetic quality of them all.


– Quality (Quality Assurance)

Quality Assurance (QA) is a fundamental pillar to consolidate Agromillora’s leadership in the nursery sector. It is a top-priority strategic line that transversally affects the production centres of all the group’s subsidiaries in order to mitigate threats of emerging diseases. Sanitary guarantees, genetic identity and morphological quality are ensured through the implementation of action protocols and traceability systems. QA is the mechanism that guarantees the quality of plants sold under the Agromillora brand.


– Logistics

Agromillora’s logistics is one of our great challenges.
The great diversity of species of plants, formats and production periods added to the fact that they are living organisms, implies special attention at the time of shipment and shipping conditions need to be monitored so the plants reach the customer in the best conditions and the minimum possible time. We are in constant contact with the production, sales, transport and customer teams in order to guarantee the distribution of our plants and health control documents, as required by each destination.

Another key of Agromillora’s success is having access to the best genetic materials of the breeding programmes and making them available to our customers. The Plant Material Platform establishes relationships and agreements with breeders to offer their plant material to customers around the world through our global platform. We provide material quarantine and reservoir storage services following the required health guarantee conditions, ensuring product traceability.

In a context of high growth expected for the next few years, developing marketing and communication strategies that contribute to achieving objectives and strengthening our position of global leadership is an exciting challenge.
In collaboration with the marketing and communication team at the corporate office, you will be responsible for designing the local strategy and implementing online and offline actions, with the aim of increasing the visibility and relevance of our brand and consolidating the positioning of our products in the market.

Working in finance means being a true business partner, being involved and supporting the business—both from subsidiaries and from the head office.
Having a proactive vision of finance—where our analysis of the past serves to help us understand what is to come—based on tools and systems that allow us to improve day by day.

In IT we face great challenges in integrating technology and systems.
You will have the opportunity to collaborate in setting up and stabilising our infrastructures and applications, information security, and management of platforms such as Sharepoint and other systems used by the group.

Agromillora supplies a great diversity of products of high genetic and health quality to the agricultural market, offering likewise technology and agronomic models to breeders in order to obtain bigger and better-quality harvests. As part of our commercial team, you can gain experience in technical support offered to producers in a wide range of agronomic and crop concepts, making the acquisition of new knowledge a constant element of your day-to-day work.

You will be able to further strengthen our brands and increase our participation and presence in the market, develop and implement commercial strategies, close deals and sales, promote events, and maintain a strong relationship with our customers and distributors.
You will work directly with the production, logistics, R&D, Communication and Marketing teams, sharing information with the head office and other subsidiaries.

Research, development and innovation have been intrinsic values at Agromillora since its inception. R&D and innovation activities include: co–procurement of new genetic materials through Genetic Improvement programmes, the development of protocols for new species, the development of new technologies, the optimisation of production processes and the development of agronomic models such as the super high density system in olive trees and other species.
The Department collaborates with numerous public and private research centres and with prestigious universities around the world.

Agromillora is currently in a growth phase at all its subsidiaries, where the company is building new constructions, expanding greenhouses and improving laboratories. The company has witnessed nothing but constant growth since the beginning. Every year we invest in new infrastructures in search of the best equipment, and we deploy new technologies.

Moreover, maintaining existing infrastructures, irrigation systems, machinery and electronic equipment is also part of our daily life. Our aim is to guarantee the conditions required for the proper functioning of our facilities, sharing projects with the corporate head office and also with subsidiaries.

We work to attract, retain, manage, develop and reward all the people who are part of our team. In human resources you will be in constant contact with the corporate head office and other human resources teams in various subsidiaries to share best practices and develop new projects. We have one of the best Human Resources software programmes, a powerful tool to strengthen our strategy in developing our teams, in attracting and retaining talent, as well as other key aspects of People Management.

Practically all functional areas described above will be present at the corporate head office. We aim to develop increasingly more tools and solutions considering all the peculiarities of the group’s subsidiaries and strategies. Here you will have the opportunity to work on cross-cutting projects, in constant contact with the subsidiaries, with cultural diversity and an international environment that will allow you to gain a global vision, a greater knowledge of the business and propose innovative projects and initiatives that promote the Group’s development.

Whatever your area of work, you can develop and contribute value at Agromillora. If you are young, you can demonstrate your potential, put your knowledge into practice and learn from our experience of more than 30 years. If you are an experienced professional you can contribute your experience, knowledge and skills.


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We will keep you informed about the process. If your application meets the job requirement, we will call you for one or more interviews. Sometimes we have the support of external consultants or carry out group activities and collective interviews. In any case, our recommendation is that you prepare well for the interview.


What to expect from the interviews. Our main objective in the interviews is to get to know you as a candidate and, at the same time, for you get to know Agromillora and the job. For us it is very important that both you and the company feel comfortable with each other, that there is a cultural fit in the way of working, that you show interest in the opportunity, that you identify with the company and present potential to grow with us.


After the interview stage, regardless of the results, we will give you feedback and keep in touch. Agromillora is an equal opportunities employed always applies an objective criterion as regards the rating of our candidates and their fit for the vacancies in question. Get ready and good luck!

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