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Perfect adaptation to the high density system

It’s a product sold directly to the grower, ready for planting upon arrival.

The Smarttree, is a plant format suitable for the new super high density system. This model utilizes mechanization from the time of plantation in order to create a productive canopy in a short amount of time, increasing the efficiency and reducing costs.

This new model is aimed at reducing labour costs as well as the initial investment in trellis and stakes.


An advantage with the olive Smarttree would be the ability to plant during most times of the year. According to the specific climatic conditions of the project location, avoid planting during winter if location is in zones prone to frost and locations that reach high temps during the mid-summer months. 


Product description:

  • It’s a grafted plant of 50-60 cm high, in fruit trees case, and semi-ligneous stake in olive trees.
  • The plant has been pruned at the top and has several new lateral breaks. 
  • It has a well-established root system in a rich coconut fiber substrate and peat for good ventilation.
  • Fruit trees are placed in a 200ml plastic pot and the olive trees in a 375ml paper-pot. 
  • The plant is tied to an individual stake and has a 40cm tall plastic protector. The plastic protector interior is black to prevent light penetration and regrowth. The exterior is white for light reflection. 
  • It is divided into 2 holes, the first where the plant is placed and the second is used to insert the stake as a plant stand in the field.
  • In the stone fruit Smarttree’s, the rootstocks are from the ROOTPAC series grafted to a large range of almond, peaches and nectarines varieties.
  • In the olive Smarttree, we predominantly produce Arbequina AS-1, Arbosana, Oliana, and Koroneiki. 
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