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Quality Control


AGROMILLORA QA LAB is the new sanitary and genetic quality control laboratory in Oregon (USA).  Its purpose is to provide all of the Group’s companies with the support needed to achieve their goal of ensuring that their products are of the highest quality.

Our goal is to provide the best plant material, with every health and genetic guarantee, to our customers


The main goal of the QA LAB is to elevate AGROMILLORA to excellence in Sanitary and Genetic Identification Quality Assurance during the various production processes to guarantee that the products that we make available to our customers are of the best quality.

Being leaders in our sector in terms of quality control to avoid possible health and genetic problems in our plants

Quality control in production processes

In vitro and grafted fruit species


Species propagated by cuttings


Our plants quality is our top trait

Our Quality Control processes include:

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Detecting pathogens in plant material

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Quality control at different points in the production process

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Diagnosis of diseases in plant material

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Consultation on pest and disease management

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Genetic characterization for propagated material

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Risk assessment and recommendations

The QA LAB is prepared to carry out RT-PCR health analyses for the main viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can affect the species we propagate. Genetic checks are carried out using microsatellites (SSRs).

  • Material to sample: Submit four five-inch cuttings from the diseased limb(s) including leaves, and FRUIT STEMS.
  • Where to sample. Trees with symptoms: Sample from symptomatic limbs. Trees with no symptoms: Sample from each leader. *Samples only needed in non-confirmed blocks/ adjoining trees. See flow chart.
  • When to sample: The week before harvest to mid-August.
  • Sample condition: Keep tissue moist and cool (e.g. package with a cold pack). Old or dried tissue is more likely to have false negatives. For more information see http://treefruit.wsu.edu/crop-protection/disease-management/western-x/sampling-guide/

To help mitigate the spread of X-Disease and Little Cherry Virus 1 & 2, the QA lab offers qPCR testing for growers using protocols provided by the Clean Plant Center at Washington State University.

The lab also tests for other pathogens listed in the sample submission form.

Please contact the lab here for any inquiries

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