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In order to provide our customers with the best plant materials we have
enhanced our productive processes with innovations from different disciplines, such as biotechnology or information technologies. These production technologies—coupled with the sanitary and molecular control techniques for genetic control—are the pillars of a large-scale and top-quality production.

Customer training

Training has become a key element that completes our value proposition to our customers. We developed an annual calendar of hands-on field days, especially in
Super High Density crops, where we offer training sessions on managing crops and the adaptability of rootstocks to the type of soil.
We also organise technical seminars in experimental crop fields, among others.

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Supportive technical–commercial team

At Agromillora we have a team of technicians specialised in each of
the species we sell: vine, olive, almond, stone fruit trees, citrus, berries, etc. as well as in the various plant formats: rootstocks, micrografts and the Smarttree format. Our high-level technical team offers world-class technical and commercial support in the field and provides consulting on the development and development of plantations to find the best agronomic solution for our customers.

Being the only company in the sector with a multinational structure of our size allows us to have a unique global vision of the industry. This privileged outlook allows us to collect best practices in crop management and share them with our grower clients, providing them with information that
will help them improve their day-to-day performance and yield. Being at their side is our reason for being. It is what motivates us to keep moving forward and improving constantly and what ultimately allows us to receive their best feedback.

Jhamed Baidada

“The support and technical advice of various experts specialised in this type of crops has been a great help in decision making.”

“Les Domaines Agricoles Zaki is a family business dedicated to agriculture for fifteen years. The group comprises four companies which, in the framework of Morocco’s Green Plan, are starting to manage various agricultural farms in the area of Meknes and Gharb.
In the Meknes region we have a super high density area of 130 hectares of peach and nectarine trees. In smaller plant intensities, we have 40 hectares of pears resistant to fire blight, 30 hectares of persimmon, 30 hectares of plum, 22 hectares of table grapes , 70 hectares of almond tree under normal planting density and 92 super high density hectares of almond tree. We are pioneers of the super high density system in Morocco. Moreover, we produce clementines in the Gharb region, in a 100-hectare area”.

“Without Agromillora’s collaboration, making this project a reality would have been very complicated, given that the intensive planting was carried out in the space of two years. Moreover, no other nursery would have been able to provide us with the amount of plants needed and the varieties required at such a fast turnaround.
The support and technical advice received from various experts specialised in this type of crops has been of great help in making decisions and execution of appropriate cultivation techniques. Our relationship with Agromillora is based on trust. The professional profile of the company’s staff is far from commercial. Their relationship with clients, and offering them advice, is their foremost concern. We deeply appreciate the quality of their staff, to the point that all our future investments in the agricultural field will be in collaboration with Agromillora”.


Jhamed Baidada
General Manager Zaki Group

Jatinder Kullar

“Agromillora remains the pioneer in innovation as evidenced by its SHD peach and almond crops that can be seen throughout the state”.

“We wanted to establish a business relationship with a nursery that had in mind the needs of growers with regard to the adaptability of rootstocks to the soil type. The Agromillora team provides excellent service throughout the process. The key issues that led us to start working with Agromillora were their willingness to organise open-door sessions, carry out training activities and boost visits to the nursery aimed at growers. The entire production process—including the growth of plants distributed—is carried in the same facility without the intervention of third parties. This is crucial in order to deploy the best quality control and ensure appropriate product development at all times. “

“Agromillora has set the standard and is the model for other nurseries that have launched vegetable cultivation labs and in-vitro technology for developing plant varieties and obtaining the best quality for today’s agricultural industry. As growers, we highly value that Agromillora California has built in the appropriate resources for developing R&D policies in advance in the nursery and not in the field once the plants have already been planted in the field. Agromillora remains the pioneer in innovation as evidenced by its SHD peach and almond crops which can be seen throughout the state.

“Agromillora’s knowledgeable, experienced team provides customers with regular information about the latest varieties available. The relationship with producers is key to decision making at Agromillora, allowing us maintain a long-term relationship between growers and the company.”


Jatinder Kullar
General Manager, Agriculture

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