Super High Density Citrus Crops

Super High Density Citrus Crops

At Agromillora we address the increasing interest of companies in the sector towards the super high density culture of citrus fruits. Thanks to our extensive experience in this agronomic model applied to other species, we are defining a system adapted to citrus trees. Even in the experimental phase, the results of tests carried out are highly satisfactory.

Agromillora works with the best citrus research centres in the world to implement this system, for which several experimental plantations have been carried out at the Las Torres (Seville) IFAPA. The main aim of these tests is to shed light on the behaviour of diverse dwarfing patterns developed by the Valencia IVIA and their effect on aspects such as yield, quality, precocity and fruit size. The objective is also to establish a management technology adapted to this system and research the behaviour of grafted varieties.

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These dwarfed citrus patterns can be a real revolution in the citrus sector. Fresh fruit is still harvested manually, so since these are smaller trees, the process is considerably more efficient. This led to the concept of pedestrian fields, where no stairs or platforms are necessary for harvesting. This format also allows mechanical pre-pruning and improves the application of phytosanitary products.

For fruit destined for industry processing, crop harvesting is completely mechanised. Harvesting is carried out by over-the-row machines and pruning is carried out with disc pruners, as in other super high density culture systems.
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