Rootpac 20

General information

Species: Plum tree hybrid (P. besseyi x P. cerasifera).
Origin: Agromillora rootstock genetic improvement programme.

Agronomic characteristics

Vigour: Low, around 40–50% less than GF–677.
Compatibility: Good with varieties of peach, nectarine, Japanese plum and almond. Compatible with some varieties of apricot, although more information is needed about its affinity with more varieties.
Structure: Erect and compact.
Yield: High.
Size: Results in very good fruit size and quality. Advances ripening in most varieties.
Adaptability: Very adaptable to all production conditions, both in warm and colder climates.
Other features: Ideal for SHD high-density plantations. Good adaptation to heavy soils and colder areas.

Resistances and tolerances

Cold: Tolerant.
Chlorosis: Moderately tolerant.
Root-knot nematodes: Moderately tolerant.
Agrobacterium tumefaciens: Sensitive.
Rosellinia necatrix: Tolerant.
Chlorosis: Moderately tolerant.
Root asphyxia: Highly tolerant.
Salinity: Moderately tolerant.
Root-lesion nematodes: Unknown.
Armillaria mellea: A certain degree of tolerance is sensed.

Vigour with respect to Garnem*

Yield kg/cm2*

* The data are obtained from different geographical areas (Alcañiz, Tarragona and Lleida) for the 2009 and 2012 harvests.

Record in the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO)
Variety name: Densipac.
Record no.: 2011/1062.



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