Plant Material Platform

Align breeders’ interests with those of the productive sector

The plant material platform is the tool that leverages the experience, technology and global structure of the Agromillora Group to promote the spread of genetic material throughout the world. Its objective is to make Agromillora the best partner and collaborator for the breeders’ community around the world


Plant Material Platform

Materials of the best genetic quality obtained from breeding programmes.

To do so, it aims to provide services to optimise the propagation of plant materials worldwide quickly, efficiently and professionally and, of course, respecting intellectual property rights according to the legislation of each country.

Guarantee health quality and genetic identity.


Plant Material Platform

The Quality Control Laboratory of the Initial Material Center has obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification for the activity:

Laboratory of phytosanitary quality control by quantitative PCR.

Discover the quality policy that complements our objectives to guarantee our best service.

Agromillora sets its principles of action based on excellence, innovation, professionalism, sustainability, compliance, ethics and safety.


Plant Material Platform

At Agromillora we have the best-equipped facilities to guarantee the genetic and health control of all plant material, and we make them available to the community of breeders around the world for the propagation of new materials.

for incoming plant materials.

For initial material: varieties and rootstocks of various species.

• Quality control laboratory.

• Micropropagation technology.

• Lath houses.

• Mother plant field.


Plant Material Platform

• Registration, input and health control of external-source plant materials.

• Input and maintenance of initial materials in the reservoir.

• Input of in-vitro materials to supply the commercial laboratory with healthy, genetically verified crops for large-scale propagation

• Implementation of the sanitary and genetic control plan for adapting to the pressure of new pests and emerging diseases in the area, as well as current phytosanitary regulations.

• Sanitary tests carried out by real–time PCR.

• Control of flowering and fructification to verify the genetic identity of initial materials and the stock plants.

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