15 years of experience in bar code control in the Micrograft series

With more than 45 million plants grafted every year, we have moved on to the integration of a much more sophisticated global computer system that covers all production phases.

Our commitment to the digitalisation of the production process through the deployment of a QR code system ensures the traceability of our products throughout all phases of production. All plants are thus registered and identified—everything from the initial material to obtaining the finished plant in the commercial format requested by the client. We therefore offer:



The genetic guarantee of our plants.


Traceability reports of plants at any production stage.


Safety in the origin of plant material.


Guarantee of a correct production process.

The gradual roll-out to all subsidiaries of these sophisticated traceability systems in the production process is further evidence of the company’s desire to implement all the necessary protocols to guarantee the highest product quality.

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