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There are already more than 1500 of us at Agromillora, all sharing a passion for agriculture, for our products and for the agronomic model that we have developed to help producers improve the efficiency of their crops and the quality of their products, promoting the development of agriculture around the world. Honestly, nothing satisfies us more than seeing the plants we produce growing successfully in the fields of our customers, plants which will later produce fruits for a healthy and tasty diet.

Over 30 years of experience have made us specialists and a world benchmark in the production and sales of woody species. We are pioneers and leaders in the in-vitro micropropagation sector, with a unique position in the market thanks to 11 subsidiaries and presence in more than 25 countries. For all these reasons, we are especially proud of the prestige of the Agromillora brand in the agricultural sector.

Innovation is also part of our day-to-day reality. The introduction of the super high density system in SHD olive tree groves 30 years ago was a paradigm shift in the agricultural sector. Since our beginnings, we have not ever stopped making improvements to make our customers’ crops more efficient. We are constantly incorporating new commercial formats, designing new cultivation techniques, implementing QA policies, reinforcing the strategic relationship with breeders of new plant species, and so on. The innovation we bring to our customers also affects our facilities and our way of working.

If you are thinking of joining our team, you will like to know that at Agromillora we have a unique work environment. From offices to greenhouses, from Chile to Australia.

We create opportunities to share, to build and to contribute to the growth of both the company and each stakeholder—in a spirit of teamwork, partnership and a culture of collaboration. We feel fully committed and responsible with the business and our relationship with customers and partners is always based on approachability, respect and honesty.

We are currently facing challenges in an international and diverse environment. We have the possibility of actively collaborating in international projects and processes, which would result in the group’s solid growth and development. The opportunity to grow together with the company, develop in our professional career and promote unity are part of Agromillora’s very DNA.


Why choose Agromillora?

We are present in 25 countries through 11 production subsidiaries spread all over the world. Because of the nature of our business and our products, we have the privilege of working close to fields and nature, away from big cities, traffic and crowds. This allows us to be inspired every day and see the impact of our work all around us.

The corporate head office of the Agromillora Group is located in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, next to the train station, 40 minutes from Barcelona and about 10 minutes from Vilafranca del Penedès, one of the key wine regions in the country home to more than 200 wineries. The proximity to the sea and the mountain provides a very favourable climate for our activity. From here we work on Group projects and actions, offering support to all subsidiaries: The diversity of countries, cultures and subsidiaries enriches us every day in daily contact and cross–cutting projects.

Agromillora Iberia includes four production centres, three of them in the Sant Sadurní d’Anoia area—one of the country’s major wine regions, boasting more than 200 wineries in the area, 35 km from Barcelona. The fourth centre is in the region of Extremadura, in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. From here we offer our products to Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, etc.

Badajoz (Don Benito)

Specialised in the growth of plants and boasting an excellent location to support customers in the south and west of the Iberian Peninsula (Extremadura, Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Portugal, etc.).


Can Bosch (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia).

Work centre specialised in the production and commercialisation of olive plants. It is one of the largest olive production centres worldwide, posting an annual production of up to 10 million plants.


 El Rebato (Subirats)

This work centre is the Agromillora’s origins and the current location of Agromillora Iberia’s central offices.
It has an in-vitro laboratory, one of the largest in Europe, with a productive capacity of up to 20 million plants. The laboratory and acclimatisation tunnels are equipped with the latest digital technology to ensure the traceability of all the plants we produce.


Monistrol (Subirats).

Mainly dedicated to the grafting of fruit trees and their growth.
It boasts the most modern and technological facilities featuring graft rooms and computer systems that ensure the traceability of plants at all times, as well as robots for transporting plants, which contributes to agile and safe management. Products: Rootstocks for prunus, citrus, pistachio, walnut and apple. Several varieties of olive trees, including arbequina, arbosana, oliana and koroneiki and other new varieties. Micrograft. Almond, olive tree, citrus and apple Smarttree. Wine and table grape vineyard. Berries.

In Brotas, a three hour drive from the regional capital São Paulo, 150 km from Campinas and 70 km from São Carlos. A calm city of fields and plantations, but also a magnet for adventure tourism for its mountains and its rivers.
Products: Citrus and apple tree rootstocks. Arbequina, arbosana and koroneiki olive trees. Olive, citrus and apple Smarttree.

Very close to the great city of Curicó,
in Region VII of Chile, nestled in a spot surrounded by vineyards, peace and tranquility, the Andes mountain range very close, lakes, volcanoes and perpetual snows framing a magnificent environment.
The Agromillora Smarttree in Chile has more than 150 workers. We supply Chile, Argentina and Peru.
Products: Prunus rootstock. Several varieties of olive trees, including arbequina, arbosana, oliana and koroneiki and other new varieties. Almond and olive Smarttree. Berries.

McMinnville is an area of Oregon surrounded by nature—large forests, rivers and wildlife—just 40 miles from Portland. A region with great wines, most notoriously Pinot Noir.
Products. Prunus, pistachio, walnut and apple tree rootstocks. Berries. Ornamentals.

Located in a quiet area of California, close to Yuba City and Chico, and only 1 hour from Sacramento, the capital. Gridley is a town surrounded by walnut, almond, pistachio and rice fields.
Products: Pistachio and walnut rootstock. Arbequina, arbosana, oliana and koroneiki olive tree varieties, selections of new varieties. Almond and olive Smarttree.

We are in a quiet area, but very close to Mildura, in the state of Victoria, where there are all kinds of services, including an airport that connects us to all major Australian cities. Our city marks the confluence of the two main rivers, Murray and Darling, so water sports are one of the main attractions. A variety of citrus fruits, avocados, peaches, table grapes and especially vineyards that supply wineries throughout Australia are grown in the region.
Products: Prunus and Nogales rootstocks. Arbequina, arbosana, koroneiki and other varieties of olive trees. Micrograft. Almond y olive Smarttree. Wine and table grape vineyard. Berries. Kiwi and hazelnut trees.

Forty minutes from the capital of Tunis, in Mornag, an agricultural town in constant expansion and featuring great variety of crops, mainly olive and fruit trees.
Products: Arbequina, arbosana, koroneiki and other varieties of olive trees. Almond and olive Smarttree. Wine and table grape vineyard.

Benslimane is a quiet region, famous for being the green lung of Chaouia-Ouardigha, an area whose vegetation is lush with oaks, pines, holm oaks and vineyard plantations. It is only 50 minutes from the cosmopolitan Casablanca and one hour from Rabat.
Products. Prunus rootstocks. Arbequina, arbosana, oliana and koroneiki olive trees. Almond and olive Smarttree. Wine and table grape vineyard. Berries.

Torbali is a quiet agricultural village just 50 minutes from Izmir—the third largest city in Turkey—located in the Aegean Sea, facing the Greek Islands.
Products: Prunus, walnut and apple tree rootstocks. Arbequina, arbosana and koroneiki olive trees. Almond and olive Smarttree. Berries.

Young subsidiary that began its productive activity in January 2016, located in Wildwood, about 50 minutes from large cities such as Orlando and Tampa. It is an area of fast-paced economic development in Florida.
We specialise in the production of citrus rootstocks and supply the entire state.

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