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The success of Agromillora’s Super High Density approach in olive groves encouraged us to apply this system to other species such as Almonds. Since 2010, we started developing Super High Density almond systems to address the problems of traditional systems. Now there are more than 13,000 acres of Super High Density almond trees scattered around the world including California, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Chile, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.


  • Total Mechanization from the moment of planting, with the aim of reducing cost and labor.
  • Harvest off the tree at Hull Split using an over-the-row harvester. This reduces dust and potentially eliminates aflatoxins and crop damage due to pest and diseases.
  • Early Entry into Production (Almost full production in Year 3) with faster amortization of the investment.
  • Less water needed to grow Almonds with the size controlling rootstock, Rootpac 20.
  • Organic Opportunities made easy for almond growers because weed management becomes less important with off the tree harvest.
  • Better fruit quality. The fruit does not touch the ground and contamination risks are avoided (aflatoxins and salmonella). Greater uniformity of size and maturation.

Orchard Format:

  • Tree Spacing: 10×4 (10 feet between the rows, 4 feet between the trees). 1,089 Trees per Acre.
  • Hedge Size: 9 feet tall by 3 feet wide.
  • Tree Support: Individual 1’ dia./48” long bamboo stake (No wire is necessary for this planting).
  • Rootstock: Rootpac-20, a size controlling rootstock.
  • Variety: Self-fertile varieties have proven to be the most suitable for this type of planting system.
  • Irrigation System: Since Rootpac 20 puts out a shallower root growth area that requires less water to maintain, a double line drip irrigation is recommended for this model.

ROOTPAC-20 Rootstock, Designed for SHD Almond Systems

Rootpac 20 is a rootstock that was bred by Agromillora’s breeding program more than 20 years ago. It is specifically designed for Super High Density fruit systems because of its ability to be size-controlling and highly productive, while at the same time being disease and pest resistant. It is a plum hybrid rootstock that adapts well to heavy, clay soils and water-logging. It has moderately good tolerance to root knot nematodes and salinity.
Rootpac 20 develops a root system that covers approximately 4 feet wide by 16 inches deep, making this compact root system easy to manage. Our experience with SHD orchards in Spain is that growers have been saving significant amounts and in some cases up to as much as 30% of water compared to a conventional orchard.


The Smarttree is a plant format specifically designed for the super high density system. Smarttree plants are the perfect solution for the new high-density almond plantations. They involve a remarkable reduction in plantation, crop handling and harvesting costs.

The combination comprising the Rootpac 20 dwarfing rootstock and the wide range of grafting varieties that we make available to customers are the best resource to successfully tackle super high density almond tree plantation projects.

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