We are the largest global multiplication platform

Micrograft is an exclusive product for nurseries, designed for subsequent regrowth. It saves production and labour time, as well as an increase in flexibility. It also allows producing both in pot and bare root.

In Agromillora we are the largest global multiplication platform.

We sell a large number of combinations of micrographs depending on the rootstocks, species and varieties chosen.



• This rootstock is about 30 cm high and 5 mm thick in a 250 ml Teku®, with a very well established root system in a substrate rich in coconut fibre and peat.

• The most common rootstocks are: Serie Rootpac, GF-677, Garnem, Cadaman, Myrabolan 29c, Mariana, etc.

• The rootstock is micrografted with a bud that is sprouted and growing at the time of sale.

• The most common species are: nectarines, peaches, Saturn peaches, apricots, cherries, plums and almonds.

Super High Density

In Agromillora we revolutionize the nursery sector by applying the super intensive system to new types of crops such as stone fruit trees. You will find some of the projects made all over the world here.

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