FL 19-006

‘FL 19-006’ is a vigorous, high-yielding, early season cultivar for the evergreen production system, with no known disease issues. The fruit is jumbo sized, very sweet and firm, with a high bloom and a long postharvest life.

Cultivar name: TBD ‘FL19-006’

Region best adapted to: central and south-central Florida

Production system: performs very well in the evergreen system in central and south-central FL

Hydrogen cyanamide: not required

Machine Harvestability: no data yet; machine harvest trials to be planted late 2023


Per plant yields:

  • South – Central FL (2023): 16.0 lbs/plant (3 years old)

Known disease susceptibility: none observed to date

Known insect damage susceptibility: none observed to date

Fruit quality data:

  • Fruit firmness: 312 g/mm (1 day), 384 g/mm (21 days), 296 g/mm (42 days), higher than Colossus and Optimus
  • Berry Weight: 2.9 grams average, similar to Colossus
  • Berry Diameter: 15.8 – 20.1 mm, 18.0 mm average, similar to Arcadia
  • Brix: 12.4 – 14.5, similar to Sweetcrisp
  • Brix/Acid Ratio: 14-34, similar to Arcadia
  • Fruit scar: small and dry, similar to Arcadia
  • Wax/bloom: high
  • Fruit defects: none
  • Flavor: high flavor score from taste panels (3.4), slightly lower than the highest score (3.6) and significantly higher than the lowest score (1.9).
  • Aroma: Yes, high

Cultivars similar flowering time:

  • Central FL – Sentinel, Albus, FL17-141, Optimus, Arcadia, Avanti, Chickadee

Other information: High vigor, with large, early season yield. Very firm fruit with excellent flavor and detectable aromatic compounds.


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