Medium vigor and slightly erect growth habit, very well adapted to high density planting.


Blooms 3 days before Guara·, with white flowers of medium-large size, mainly on spurs and less on mixed shoots.

Very high flower density.


Ripening 25 days before Guara·.

Hard shell, without double layers. of elliptical shape, shelling percentage of 27-35%, with the kernel filling the shell cavity. Large kernel, without double kernels, of elliptical shape, very similar to ‘Desmayo Largueta, of very good commercial aspect.


Of very easy seed coat removal alter roasting and very good laste.

Its composition shows average value for most components.


The data and results shown in these graphic resources are made for informative purposes only and it is not guaranteed to they will be achieved in all cases, due to several facts influencing plant growth such as climatic and geographical circumstances, soil characteristics, as well as use conditions and agricultural habits.



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