• SHD orchard with Smarttree plants.
  • Rootpac20 dwarf in-vitro rootstock.
  • High compatibility with wide range of varieties.
  • Planting patterns 3–3.5 m x 1–1.2 m (approx. 2,600 plants/ha), without any main structure
    (no central leader) and with one stake per plant.
  • N-S orientation allows reducing the distance between rows without shading.
  • Mechanical harvest with over-the-row machine.
  • Fully mechanized pruning.

Some almond varieties adapted to the SHD system

The super-intensive system is particularly efficient in the case of self-fertile and hard shell varieties, which provide advantages in terms of minimizing the risk of pests and diseases, and in case of adverse weather conditions during pollination period. The following varieties of almond trees are among the most common and best suited to the super-intensive system: Penta, Soleta, Avijor, Belona, Guara, Vialfas.

Available varieties

Available rootstocks